7 French Soap Scents that Will Transport You to France

As we saunter down the cobblestone streets of Provence or wander through the bustling markets of Paris, our senses are often met with an intoxicating blend of fragrances that have defined the world of skincare for centuries.

The art of French soap-making, or “savonnerie,” is steeped in tradition, with each scent carrying with it a story, a history, and a touch of the je ne sais quoi that French beauty products are renowned for.

From the lavender fields of the South to the romantic notes of rose that float through chic Parisian boutiques, these popular French soap scents will uncover the magic behind each aromatic note.

Let’s journey through these iconic French soap scents and understand their origin, unique aroma, and significance in the art of French soaps.

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In the rich tapestry of French soap-making, Verbena, or Verveine as locals call it, holds a special place. Originally native to South America, it journeyed to Europe and became a cherished herb in France, particularly for its refreshing and zesty aroma with subtle citrus undertones. I recommend the Shea Verbena Extra-Gentle Soap by L’Occitane.


Journey south to the breathtaking landscapes of Provence, and you’ll be greeted by vast fields of Lavender. This iconic fragrance offers calming and soothing floral notes, interwoven with herbaceous undertones that transport one to the tranquil French countryside. I recommend the Pre de Provence Artisanal Lavender Soap that is made in France.

Olive Oil

The region also boasts ancient olive groves, testifying to the Mediterranean climate’s gift to skincare – Olive Oil. Soaps infused with this ingredient carry a mildly earthy and rich scent, setting a neutral and nourishing backdrop against which other fragrances shine. Go with this authentic Marseille Olive Oil soap for a sensory experience.


One such aroma is the bright and tangy Lemon, its energizing and crisp notes reminiscent of a sun-kissed summer’s day in a Mediterranean orchard. Lemon is one of my favorite French soap scents because it really gives you that extra clean feeling. Go with this lemon-scented natural body soap from the south of France.

Oat Milk

Meanwhile, the gentle embrace of Oat Milk introduces a different dimension to French soaps. Derived from oats cultivated in various regions of France, its creamy scent with hints of warmth evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation. This Pre de Provence artisanal oat milk soap is enriched with shea butter for a rich and smooth lather.


However, no journey through French soap scents can be complete without paying homage to the timeless elegance of the Rose. Especially in Grasse, the world’s perfume capital, the rose’s romantic and sophisticated scent dominates, bearing delicate sweet undertones that have charmed generations. If you want to smell like rose petals, then go with this Rose perfumed soap.


Lastly, drawing from the natural sweetness of the land, Honey holds its own in the realm of French savonnerie. With beekeeping widespread in regions like Provence and Corsica, honey’s rich, slightly floral scent envelops one in a comforting embrace, a testament to nature’s and France’s generous offerings to the world of beauty. This honey soap was made by a “Savon du Marseille” soapmaker.

While there are many more scents like fig, orange blossom, and strawberry to choose from, especially in France, these French soap fragrances are among the most popular and sought-after.

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