Hydrating Pharmacy Eye Drops Used by France’s “Best Actress”

When it comes to beauty, French women have long been admired for their natural, effortless elegance. From skincare to makeup, they seem to have a knack for finding the best products to enhance their features without looking like they’re trying too hard. Recently, French “best actress” winner Virginie Efira revealed one of her beauty secrets: French eye drops by the pharmaceutical brand Innoxa. Specifically, she swears by a particular brand that is a staple in many French medicine cabinets.

Let’s take a closer look at the French eye drops loved by Virginie Efira, and why they’ve become a cult favorite among French women for decades. Whether you’re dealing with dry eyes, or allergies, or simply want to brighten up your eyes, these drops promise to do the trick while adding a touch of French ingenuity to your beauty routine.

In the digital-first society we live in where our eyes are constantly glued to screens – computers, tablets, and iPhones, dry eyes are becoming more and more common. The French company Innoxa Laboratories launched these new transparent eye drops at an optimal time in March 2020 and sought to combat this phenomenon by developing eye care solutions for the modern-day world. The result is a unique formula for essential eye drops that serve as the ultimate remedy for treating dry, irritated eyes.

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Innoxa Eye Drops

After many months of research, the new sterile eye drop formula is free of preservatives, composed of 10% floral waters, trehalose, and the clinically proven ingredient methylene blue. These French eye drops are offered in a colorless formula, specially designed for contact lens wearers. You can shop for them in the US at Walmart, or if you’re in France, head to your local pharmacie to pick them up!

Innoxa blue eye drops can get rid of tired eyes in as little as 15 minutes! They’re the French secret solution for a refreshed look in record time. With just a few drops, the eyes feel hydrated, soothed, and ready to work for you.

The  Innoxa blue drops have become a cult pharmacy product in France, thanks to their effectiveness and budget-friendly pricing. They cost less than 10€ at French pharmacies.

A bottle of Innoxa blue drops is sold every minute in France, showing their popularity. The new transparent formula is likely to increase sales even further.

Innoxa blue eye drops, or Innoxa Gouttes Bleues, are the premier French eye drop solution in France and Europe. These French blue drops are the only colored eye remedy available on the market, proving the product’s unique and unrivaled expertise.

About Innoxa

Innoxa Laboratories began in 1920, working with scientific researchers and skin doctors in research centers. The traditional Innoxa drops have been recommended and passed down through French generations without missing a beat, and still retain a spot in all French bathrooms today.

French President Emmanuel Macron, model/actress Laetitia Casta, as well as musician Julien Doré, and it-girl Charlotte Casiraghi are some of the high-profile fans of this company who swear by these soothing eye drops. There are countless models and actors who use these blue drops to hide their tired eyes during early morning or late evening shoots, so you know they’re a product you can rely on!

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